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NOT surprisingly, the offices have the budget for such activities to be more enthusiastic and productive employees.
If time and budget just barely, berpelesir enjoy the rides in the city is the right choice. However, if funds are available as well as a lot of the time, travel to other countries, such as Korea, is certainly more exciting.
Been to State Ginseng can start by enjoying the beauty contained in Namiseom Island or Nami Island. Small island located in Chuncheon, South Korea is Winter Sonata shooting place, one Korean drama ever fill the glass screen in the country.
Arriving at the island tourist welcomed shade of trees. Photos of Winter Sonata actor, Choi Ji-woo and Bae Yong Joon also can be found in such a romantic place. Relaxed atmosphere so thick because this place away from the crowds and pollution.
Once satisfied fascinated by Nami Island, swing step towards forging: Other romantic, Mount Sorak. At the foot of Mount Sorak national park there is the largest national park in the world to-5. The park is filled with a variety of rare plants are protected. You can feel the incredible sensation when in a funicular (cable car) to enjoy the natural beauty of the highest point of Mount Sorak.
For business spending, Dongdaemun Market you can make your shopping desires gratification. Exposed to low market across Asia as the center of Korean goods wholesaler. Tourists can freely shop here because there are ore than 50,000 shops are open until late at night. Do not forget to enjoy the Nanta Show, a world-class musical performances by a myriad of uniqueness. Enjoy dishes such as kimchi Ginseng, bulgogi, and Japchae.
Wait what? Immediately plan your tour to Korea.

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