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It is said that massage technique comes from the Bamboo Curtain country since 3,000 years ago. Spread to almost all parts of the Earth, variations of massage techniques are now very diverse. Some countries are also developing its own traditional massage techniques, such as traditional Indonesian massage. There also combine it with other natural therapy techniques.
Massage is now considered as one of the alternative medicine technique that can provide a variety of positive effects for the recipient. Why become highly sought-after massage?
Various studies indicate that massage the massage is an effective way of reducing stress, pain, and muscle tension. The findings of a study conducted in the United States in 2011 also suggests that massage can reduce pain in the back and make it function better.
With proper massage techniques can help repel stiffness and pain in the joints, and helps improve blood circulation in the body certain massage techniques also help reduce headaches to overcome muscle injury due to sports
Proper pressure massage gives freshness and relaxes muscles rigid body so that the body feel relaxed. Relaxed body is the key to relieving stress, tension, and solve difficult problems sleeping or insomnia. That is why, many health experts also recommend to perform a massage on a regular basis in order to restore the freshness of the body after strenuous activity
Massage also provide positive benefits to the beauty that can be found in almost all types of body treatments. Massage on the hair, for example, stimulates blood circulation and smooth giving stimuli to grow hair. While massage beneficial in reducing facial wrinkles and make the face more radiant and fresh as the blood flow smoothly.