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Many women end up experiencing more anxiety than usual because of the inconveniences felt by the body . Anxiety is ultimately generalized to many things that can affect negatively . There are at least three things that can be considered for each woman and the people around him who entered menopause .
Find information and know the natural biological processes that occur in the body in every phase . This will help women understand , confront , as well as manage the condition if things happen out of the ordinary . When it started having difficulty sleeping and feelings of anxiety disorder, for example , can be tricked by exercising regularly and with enough duration .
A good diet and the right can also help the body feel more comfortable that there’s nothing wrong with a set menu meal more appropriate . Many people who do not understand what is going on with him . When experiencing discomfort , he should know to be wrong atao mulakukan an action .
WHEN already know what happened with his own body and possessed sufficient information , komumkasikan with people around , especially family . Hormonal disorders can cause pressure on the person and whether consciously or not can also cause discomfort in people around . Mudjn often complain and be offended , for example , could lead to a conflict of uncomfortable atmosphere .
Communicate with neutral , no need to cover up these things , especially of the husband and the children , that the self is entering the menopause stage . Or , act like it’s just a matter sepelu point , no need to respond to excess, but also not be not the case . Trying to keep in good communication with is how to deal with uncomfortable situations . It’s good to be “do not take it too personal ” .
” EVERY person needs an anchor in life . Bodies are anchors . That ‘s why there is a saying in a healthy body there is a healthy soul . When the body undergoes changes , was a victim of one’s soul . Among women who are experiencing menopause , with a variety of symptoms and complaints they experienced , it is not impossible eventually lead to insecurity .
The second anchor in life everyone is family . Families can be a support system to help bring positive energy . In this condition , the support of the family will give a sense of comfort for women who are entering menopause . ” Being understood that she was experiencing discomfort . Was because of hormonal disorders , personality is not modified . “