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The price could be adjusted
Tablet is ‘portable nature’, but the ability to be adjusted to the price. If you want to get the best quality, the more-expensive tablet price. As with the PC. To get the best quality does not always have to pay as high as tablet or laptop.
Easy assembly of a PC can make a person change or tamper with the “innards” If you want to upgrade it does not need to sell a whole, could be just replace the video card, motherboard, or other. Compare this with the laptop or tablet that has a shorter service life. If you want to update, of course, have to sell the old and buy new devices.
With larger processor size. PC able to do heavier work and multitasking. Support higher video card also allows jobs such as designing or editing video and photos on the PC more capable done. PC also allows for more storage devices computer. Yet the popularity of cloud computing and the expensive external hard disk makes use of a USB flash drive to be the mainstay of portable data storage. Well, even if you use a tablet laptop, the USB port will be very limited. Meanwhile, if using a PC, you can plug in a flash drive freely as the number of ports on the PC more numerous.
Safe and environmentally friendly
If a laptop and a tablet said to be more secure than the PC, it seems less appropriate assumption. Static nature of the PC makes your data more secure from the risk of falling for example, then broken and theft. In addition, the PC is more environmentally friendly because it can be recycled. Almost all PC devices can be recycled or resold. This could be a means to reduce the amount of electronic waste from the increasingly growing.