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The old adage reads , ” Life is like a spinning wheel . Sometimes above , sometimes below . ” This maxim applies also to the world of technology . Two years later , the technology world was startled by the presence of many new gadgets with extraordinary abilities . There are two names that were previously to be excellent , but then sank , namely Nokia and Blackberry .
Considered minimal innovation and complacent in a position of power market share , Nokia and Blackberry are forced to give up his position shifted by his opponents . Fortunately , they then realized that and began to clean up , and tried to retake its position as market leader Nokia , long after the belle of mobile phone users the world , its market eroded by the arrival of the digdayanya Android and Apple . At that time , Nokia with Symbian as its software was unable to withstand the onslaught of Apple and Android , and Blackberry .
However , now Nokia to re- compete . After parting from Symbian , Nokia took to be the operating system Windows . Nokia with Windows optimistic that this new product , Lumia , will dominate the market . Although this product has a user interface that is much different from its predecessor , it looks colorful managed to pull back the gadget users . One advantage is that instilled the Windows operating system feels lighter , equipped Windows Store , and has a cloud computing technology . Meanwhile , another technology champion who is also currently trying to get up is the Blackberry . After he became ruler of the smartphone market worldwide . Blackberry is now trying to bounce back with the launch of the Blackberry Z10 and Q10 . Blackberry ‘s on the latest products , entertainment element was deliberately excluded . Blackberry seems to want to restore nature of smart phones as a tool to support the business .
Blackberry also learn from previous mistakes , namely mengeksklusifkan Blackberry Messenger service . In its efforts to regain its footing , the service this summer will be enjoyed in a variety of platforms . Worth a look to the future rise of the hero business technology that could dominate the world . Whether successful or just graduated ?