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The second version of Windows 1987, Microsoft re-updating the operating system with Windows version 3.0 in 1990. This time the ability of a given operating system displays windows on the screen is more qualified. Because the operating system supports multitasking, running se.umlah applications simultaneously.
Windows 3.0 is also touted as a challenger to his rival, the Apple operating system. This is due to the use of graphics cards that have been integrated into the operating system is able to boost the performance of the display on the monitor screen. In addition, an increase in the allocation of memory by the application based on W ndows make this operating system are now the norm. Aside from being the first version of Windows that runs dalarti rnodus protected, Windows 3.0 is present in the multimedia version. CD-ROM drive, sound card (sound card) which has been made ??a package of computer users getting pampered with tersebjt facilities. Other success is also thanks to the support of compatible applications developers.

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