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There are times when working at home even more productive . However , this area generally have not entered the calculations especially in small plots . It turns out , did not need a special room to be used as work space . By utilizing unused corner area and a little polish there .
WANT to know how ? There is some inspiration that can be listened to below :
1 . Keen to see the gap if there is an empty corner of the abandoned , ” sulaplah ” into the workspace . For example , in the transition area antarruang , empty area beneath the stairs , if sufficient height so as not stuffy or in one corner of the living room .
2 . Next is to set the angle to be comfortable to work . Computer desk can be modified according to the available land area . Alternatively , use a regular table and add a shelf or shelves on the wall to put books , documents , stationery and office supplies .
3 . Today the shelves too many outlets available in modern building materials can be selected according to taste both shape and color. Adjust the overall design of the house , as well as the shades of the room , it feels harmonious .
4 . Although not recommended , many people unite with a bedroom workspace . If you want to adopt it , should make it clear that the separation area of relaxation and enjoyment of uninterrupted sleep . One way to use curtains as well as decorative accents in the room could be . If possible , use a small partition table size width and tinggirya accordance with our conditions when sitting . Thus, the room did not look too full , but still there is a clear separation . Do not forget lighting . The best thing is to get natural light in the daytime . Lighting in the work area can be divided between the light table , the use of local lighting with the direction of light shelves above the desk could also be applied . Make sure that no light rays fall directly towards the book he was reading or computer screen for dazzling eyes . Choose a chair that is able to support the body well , especially the lower back for comfort .