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Working from home, thus the term popularity, offered as an employee benefit for the company. Each company has its own rules in implementing this policy, that are very relative.
“Regulation of working from home for young mothers like me that every day at least 2-3 hours on the road is very helpful. Sometimes working at home can be even more productive because of minimal interference,”
Basically, the company gives the freedom to organize their work load, except for the sale of its culture which is much more work outside the office. This system allows employees to work outside of the office as much as two times a month and are free to determine the next.
Of course, this is also accompanied by other requirements that must be followed. Ie have permission from superiors and can be easily contacted. So, not allowed out of the city.
Many advantages and benefits of these systems must also be followed by self-discipline in order to maintain productivity. The trick is to make good time management.
Create a plan of work time and stay consistent with the working hours. So, despite working from outside the office does not mean necessarily sleeping late and lounging. Create a target work completed on the day you want it as a reference work and remain productive.
Some people take advantage of the opportunity to work outside the office at a favorite place, like a cafe or a restaurant away from the crowds. That way, they can work more effectively without interruption. Because productive, it could be just your working hours to be faster than when working in the office.
Rest of the time can be used to do various things that also need to be in your life cycle, such as children, family, or just giving bonuses for themselves by doing relaxation.