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Indonesia is ranked 69th out of 127 countries . Meanwhile , according to data from the Ministry of Education and Culture , 2010, in Indonesia there are more than 1.8 million children each year who can not continue their education . There are three factors, namely economic , labor early age to support the family , and marriage at an early age .
Realize that education is the key factor of development of a nation . Indonesia needs to improve the quality of education for social transformation menciptskan . This social transformation that will affect economic development . In other words , the most effective efforts to achieve social change is through quality education . This is what should be aware of educational institutions in Indonesia. As done by the Putera Sampoerna Foundation National Student Education Ecosystem . It is an educational trip that aims to prepare students to be future leaders of Indonesia are high caliber .
Ecosystem Education Nation students support student educational trip through innovative educational programs and refers to international education . Students under the auspices Ecosystem Education Nation Nation Academy of International Students ( ASBI ) , Nations University International Students ( USBI ) , and the National Student Cooperative (BCC ) which provide learning support students ranging from high school , until the university level career . Each unit Ecosystem Education Nation education students guide the students during and after a journey of education and instill values ??Nations students , namely leadership , entrepreneurship , and social responsibility . In the future , the students are expected to play a role in the development of the Indonesian economy , technology , innovative products , and able to be an example for the next generation . Not only equip with the knowledge , skills and character , Ecosystem Education Nation Students also develop the character so that students would become leaders who are able to make positive changes for the future of the country .