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Important functions, rearview mirror should maintained, especially in the rainy season due to rapid opaque exposed to rain. Here are some methods to try to take care of the rainy season in the rearview mirror.
Remove mud
Rain will make the mud on the road more and more. When driving in the rain or after rain, mud splashes to the mirror, although rare.
If the exposed mud rearview mirror, you should not let it dry out. Arriving at their destination, immediately wipe the rearview mirror. If’re home, you should immediately wash the affected area with soapy water splashes. Allow a few moments, then rub gently until the mud off and clean.
Clean rust
Rain water can cause rust on the motor motion electric mirrors. Karat made ??it difficult rearview mirror driven and regulated. Try removing the mirror and clean the cavity of motion using a small brush. If it is still difficult to clean, use sandpaper with the lowest levels of roughness so as not to impair driving iron. If it is more clean, replace the rearview mirror.
Eliminate water spots
Indeed water spots often appear in the rearview mirror when the vehicle is exposed to rain. To clean the water spots, use a mixture of vinegar and water with a two-to-one comparison. Vinegar is an acid substance that is safe for the mirror.
Do not be lazy
Many vehicle owners simply silence the vehicle exposed to rain. If left unchecked, these habits can be bad for your vehicle. Try at least wipe the vehicle with water absorbent cloth to wipe when wet drizzle. Quite drained only once, no need to clean up detail. If the rain had stopped, the new clean it or take it to a total wash.