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LOCATED 70 kilometers southwest of Hong Kong and 145 kilometers from Guangzhou, Macau is the oldest European colony in China since the 16th century. Portugal handed Macau government sovereignty to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 1999. Now Macau is a Special Administrative Region of China.
With a population of just 0.5 million people, Macao should be one of the favorite vacation spots. Moreover, the place is considered to have easy access from the Indonesian taken.
Journey from Indonesia to Macau takes 4-5 hours by plane. For lodging, there are a variety of options, ranging from five-star hotels to hotel for backpackers.
Not only that, in terms of cultural tourism, a mix of Chinese and Portuguese architecture can be seen from the magnificent museum buildings such as the Museum of Macau. Macau also has a convention and exhibition hall that often hosts a variety of events, such as international cultural festival.
Not only traditional and unique, Macau also presents a variety of events for the modern traveler. Grand Prix Museum, for example, which shows the annual event and the F3 Macau Grand Prix held each November.
Well, this year one of the annual tourist attraction in Macau is the 60th Macau Grand Prix will be held. Ni grand event to be held on 9 to 10 November 2013 and 14 to 17 November 2013. Guia Circuit sparkle will be retained for six decades is ready mesmerizing eyes of the visitors.
This event will be filled with the sound of racing engines race that brings the stars from the entertainment world and the world of motorsport. Not only that, this title also brings a variety of colorful fireworks were awesome, international food, music, theater, to the show. So, do not miss the opportunity to get the experience of a lifetime on the legendary show “Macau Grand Prix” ‘Race you there’.

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