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Curiosity led him to thoughts of Earth gravity . He was Isaac Newton , discoverer of gravity theory , the key for humans to conquer space .
The basic gravity then helps people learn that gravity every object is different, depending on the amount of gravity , the mass of objects , and object distance . With this understanding of human beings can create technology that can penetrate the space . At a certain height from the Earth , created microgravity conditions , ie very little gravity . Since more than 25 years ago scientists use to conduct research that are impossible on Earth . Gravity can be a confounding factor for the course of the study because it can alter the physical processes the object to be studied . Microgravity environment creating a ” laboratory ” in which the phenomena and physical processes can be observed without distortion of Earth’s gravity . Change object properties either liquid , solid , or gas in microgravity space underlying the development of knowledge in all adrenal Network ( glands above the kidneys ) that developed in microgravity space areas , such as biology , physics , medicine , and even mixing metal . The absence of gravity for liquids also means the absence of convection ( movement of liquid or gas due to differences in temperature and pressure ) , flotation , or precipitation . In almost weightless conditions , the measurement of physical processes multiple materials such as metal , foam , emulsion , crystals , or a mixture of metal can also be monitored with a high degree of accuracy .
In the medical world for example , ” ” microgravity laboratory has contributed major innovations . Experiment with microgravity biotechnology one of which is the cultivation of cells and tissues . Study was to develop a new network that can be used for transplant surgery . Study also provides significant benefits to understanding many diseases including AIDS , heart disease , cancer , diabetes , and hepatitis . Going forward , NASA Microgravity Research Program plans to build a space station that allows for microgravity research in the longer term . microgravity conditions is tremendous potential in the development of science , which also means an important role in progress of human life .

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