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Genesis engine off when the car is not directly on-off-right but still flame briefly (halting) and then off. This condition is called dieseling occurs when the engine is hot, but it did not happen when the engine is still cold The incident caused several things:
1. Fuel flow does not stop when the contacts come off. Usually this is due to the existing seal at the end of the fuel cut solenoid on karaurator system is damaged (torn) or solenoid fuel cut system is broken in the open position so that the fuel is still flowing when contact is off.
2. Carburetor settings that are too big to keep the fuel flowing though the fuel cut is closed.
3. Damage to the fuel filter is clogged filter is located there near the gas tank / spark board near the rear wheel. Function of this filter for air exchange inside the gas tank. Signs that the filter is clogged the engine when hot or after running away and then we turn off the engine and open the gas cap, gas cap open when air pressure that will arise from the tank fast enough.
4. The latter is usually due at the top of the piston has a lot of crust so that when there is no contact off the ignition but the crust was still smoldering, and can result in burning. If this is the case, should be held skeur valve and clean the combustion chamber.