Which Toys Are Best For Babies?


Baby likes to look at objects around him. By three to four months, he may be accidentally batting toys together with his hands or feet, and by 4-6 months he may intentionally make an effort to touch and grasp objects. During the earliest months you can hang mobiles from your own baby’s crib or ceiling, put a secure mirror against the medial side of the crib, or secure a colorful pinwheel to the hood of the infant stroller.

Once he can grasp objects, you can offer soft, non-toxic toys that will safely go in his mouth and that won’t harm him if he bumps against them: a shake or squeaking toy, teething beads, or toys with faces. Once your infant can sit up, attach a busy box aside of his crib. He’ll enjoy one with buttons, dials, pop-ups, and other things he can control. You may also give him kitchen what to play with such as for instance plastic bowls and spoons, and a spill-proof container with a little water that he can shake and watch. When he can crawl, put these kitchen items in a low cupboard so he can easily arrive at them.

He’ll also like musical toys, stuffed animals, squeeze toys, soft cars and trucks, large balls, and cloth or cardboard books. You can make books for him by slipping pictures of your loved ones and things he likes in to a photo album.

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