What Should I Look for in a Good Pediatrician?


Every parent wants a pediatrician who’s dependable, competent, caring, and easy to talk to. Some doctors are many of these things, and others are not. Therefore, when you’re buying pediatrician, you ought to (to the extent allowed by your insurance) take the time to see a few doctors, seek recommendations, and ask questions.

To get the names of pediatricians you can interview, require recommendations from friends, relatives, your obstetrician, doula or midwife, and your insurance company. Once you’ve the names of a couple of pediatricians, setup appointments to visit. It’s always better to see at least two doctors so you can compare them before you make your decision. Some charge for consultations, so inquire about fees.

Once you visit each pediatrician’s office, look around. Exist toys and books available for children? Is the floor clean enough for a child to crawl on? Are sick and healthy children separated? Will be the receptionists, physician assistants, and nurses pleasant?

Once you talk to the doctor, ask questions, and focus on how she responds. Does she answer you fully, in terms you can understand, and does she tune in to your point of view? Do you are feeling confident with her? How will you think she relates to children? Because your relationship with a pediatrician is a long and involved one, it’s important to select a physician carefully.

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