What Should I Do If My Baby Needs Constant Comforting?


Comforting a crying baby is very important, nonetheless it can also be difficult, particularly when a baby cries often or during a busy moment. If you learn that the baby needs lots of comforting throughout the day, work with a cloth infant carrier that allow you to hold your child close while leaving the hands free. The contact and constant movement can be extremely soothing.

If your child does lots of crying during the night, you might feel frustrated and unsure just how to respond. Your natural instinct may be to select her up and feed her, but additionally you may be tired, and you might be getting negative advice. Your pediatrician might advise you to let your child “cry it out.”

Many people advocate ignoring a baby’s cries in the hope that she’ll figure out how to sleep through the night. One theory says that when parents refuse to comfort or feed their baby during the night, she’ll stop crying after twenty minutes to one hour and go back to sleep. After a number of days or weeks with this routine, she’ll no longer awaken at night.

Although the prospect of a morning of uninterrupted sleep may certainly be attractive for your requirements, once you comfort your child, you let her know that she can be determined by you. Once you hold and soothe her, you give her a sense of certainty that you will be there when she needs you.

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