Lightweight Concrete AAC Grand Elephant
Powerful, Precision, and Lightweight
GE has been a manufacturer of lightweight concrete vision of quality AAC. GE guarantee lightweight concrete building construction faster, earthquake resistant, energy efficient, cool, efficient in the process of development, and a strong structure. GE light Betor d can be used as a substitute for a wall charger and a loadbearing wall. GE lightweight concrete produced by HR professionals with a good track record, as well as the use of materials with modem technology with the international quality standards. GE Pab’ik located in Krian, East Java, an advanced lightweight concrete plant with a production capacity of up to 350,000 m3 per year, making it the AAC lightweight concrete manufacturer in Indonesia. This ensures a lightweight concrete material supply certainty for customers and project owners. GE has a wide array of products for the wall charger, floor structure, wall structure bearer, and also produces floor panels. These components address the specific needs of the present, the increase in energy efficiency, resistance to fire, and the strength of construction. Prove advantages of lightweight concrete GE now.