SAN-EI Toilet Shower
Ergonomic Design for User Convenience
TOILET shower is no longer just for completeness. However, their presence has become a necessity in a modern washrooms and hygiene. For that SAN-EI developed a new variant of the toilet shower different from the previous type, namely the type of SN77-80X. The main advantage is peida SN77 80X more ergonomic shape for user comfort. Not only that, finishing chrome plating at the lever of the shower spout makes it look luxurious. Water spray was designed more leads straight to clear more perfect. 80X shower SN77 body is made of quality materials, Acrylonitrile Butadiene-Styrene (ABS). So, for the nengutamakan quality and product design for shower toilet, this type is the right choice. Sale da’am set (PSN77C type code) and the shower head unit (type code PSN77-80X), with five color options, namely pastel ivory, white, platinum silver, black, and magenta.

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