Many entrepreneurs believe that growth will strengthen the foundation of the Indonesian economy of attack the economic crisis that has devastated many countries in the world economy. However, it’s certainly not as easy as setting up a business.

Determination of the proper segmentation is a factor that must be considered and determined carefully. If the segmentation is effective, reliable products offered will easily and quickly absorbed by the market. However, it is not easy to determine segmentation. Determination of segmentation is not just to determine demographics, but also have to look at the behavior of its customers. Then, how the method of understanding of customer behavior?
Kevin Roberts in his book Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands offers three easy steps to understand the customer. Obviously these measures is understood as a modality which can be adopted for business.

Climb the mountain
If people just want to pay attention to the tree, he would just beneath. Try to climb to a higher position. Just like bisms, da should be placed in a wider context. An entrepreneur should have, a broader view as well so she could look like the side of many customers, perusdhaan, changes, including competitors.

Go into the forest
After going up to the mountain, it’s time to go into the forest. This means we have to look at the business as a whole. Dalamilah market that we want to go in detail and complete. You must be Able to eat, sleep and dream with the market.

Think like a fish
If we want to catch fish, try to think like a fish. If you want to get customers, posisikanlah themselves as customers. By positioning itself as a customer, you can understand the desires and dreams of customers including their hidden needs.