At first , it Chisholm devoted to explaining the possibility of an objective reference in thought and language in a way that the ” primacy of the intentional ” recognizes and assumes a limited ontology individuals and ‘pure’ characteristics , relationships and positions of business . It defines the properties and states of affairs in such a way off ” deictic ” and ” unique” properties ” states of things to know when the problem increases the ol ‘ strange beliefs ” whose analysis is traditionally thought to require these items and suggests that its use in traditional beliefs ol singular account those beliefs tie dicto fails to produce ( an adequate analysis of their own beliefs ie , self – regarding the views of the kind reported by ” John believes that he himself is in danger ” ) . The introduction of faith in re quaintness of faith the dicto is as equally inadequate , because faith (self , although similar in some respects to everyone , can not be reduced either . Chisholm therefore proposes a new image that the old faith by taking itself as a fundamental belief and re dicto or reverses as derivative .

The paradigm shift is implemented as primitive the notion ol direct self-attribution of a property. Believe that someone ( link to) that F itself can be defined as the direct self -attribution . Other than themselves in definite descriptions identify them by their relationship to objects themselves . A re belief about yourself is just a direct or indirect self -attribution , which is why all own belief is a belief re . But the reverse lails as ( in some relational description) we can assign directly , without the self a housing itself indirectly – attribution there. And dicto belief is a matter of states ‘ accept ‘ business , where accepting the state of affairs that p is either XJC self – attribution ( V – X Sc p ) directly or indirectly assign x ( x get) to the state of affairs that p qua thing we design a way . We would expect , on behalf Chisholm language reference via demonstrative and proper names is a speech act version of the Theory description. The work of declarative sentences , we are told , is to express the properties of the enunciator . on declarative sentence index expresses the property ol accept a certain situation .


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