Computer devices can not be separated from the lives of everyday people. Not surprisingly, the computer device manufacturers try to create a device that is very close to humans, which can be taken anywhere, the device attached to the body of so-called wearable computers. What are the wearable computer?

Google Glass. Yes, the device of the computer giant Google has indeed become top of mind in the community. Google creates a projected future glasses can be used for a variety of uses, such as Google Maps, GPS navigation, to record video.
There are so many manufacturers that produce technology world watches. Apple iWatch one of them. Although still a rumor, the principals did not deny the presence of Apple’s products. These watches are rumored to be able to do all the things the iPhone can do, such as Siri, maps, to health monitoring. In addition to Apple, the products already on the market is the Sony Smartwatch. This device can be used to control the Android-based Sony.

This type of product found to be used for computer devices. Smart bracelet is more widely used for monitoring daily activities and sports. One is the Adidas miCoach. This bracelet is designed to train its fitness. This bracelet is compatible with products such as a Mac or PC, Android, Blackberry, and Apple with a special connector.

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